Monday, August 30, 2010

Updated Design - Screever

Here's an updated design for Screever. This turn around will be the basis for his Flash animation version. For the main film he will be in hand puppet and stop-mo animation form, but this will be used in a set of shorts we are working on to test out the characters and writing before we get too deep into the production of the main film.

Here's a link to the post that contains his preliminary designs.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Slightly New Name

Okay, we've decided to change the name of the series, cast of characters, overall title of this project. Instead of Intergalactic Gung-ho Gurus we're going with Ultra Galactic Gung-ho Gurus. I know, normally ultra is a prefix and not a word unto itself but here it was just cooler to make it it's own word. This way we can shorten the title to UG3 - the three meaning to the third power - as in 3 "G"s in the title. I'll be referring to the project by the new title but you may see the old one in previous posts. I don't plan on going back and updating everything. Here's a temporary logo I put together today using Flash.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Roman Soldier - Turn Around and Walk Cycle

While working on the 30 minute film we are also creating some short films staring the same host characters. These shorts won't focus on "Mankind's Endeavor Into Space" but will give short bytes of information from history, science, literature, etc. One segment calls for an Ancient Roman Army. Here's the beginning tests for it.
This is a basic turn around sketch. There are a few problems with the alignment of certain parts, but it's just to test out the look of the character.


This is a walk cycle created with Flash. I guess I should call it a "march cycle" instead. 

Roman Marching Walk Cycle #2

By the way, the title of this short will be "The Earth's Greatest Army Conquered by Half-Naked Snowboarders". It should be fun.