Thursday, December 13, 2012

Introduction to Earth

 One of the segments of the film is an introduction to the planet Earth. I've animated it to a 70's "Keep On Truckin'" kind of tune.

 The Sun.

 The Moon has to orbit the Earth so what better move to give it but a..... Moonwalk. This was actually very tough to animate, but I am happy with how it turned out. I might post a short animation of it later.

Finishing up the orbit while showing how long it take for the Moon to "slide" it's way around the Earth.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Animation Stills - Footling

Here are two more stills from the animation of Bleeph's sports career. This one is called Footling. It's a mixture of motocross on flying surfboards and throw in some whale sized carnivores. Fun.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Animation Still - Jammeljip

In one segment of the film we compare the race to the moon to a sports competition. Since the ones telling the story are aliens we have them bring up alien sports. Here are a couple of still shots from the animation demonstrating the sport Jammeljip.

As you can see, Jammeljip is a lot like Earthling tennis, except for one difference...

...You don't have to worry about the ball chasing you.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

UG3 Merchanise - Collector's Bookmark Set

Here are the images for the UG3 Collector's Bookmark set. We've created this for sale at screenings, and online and they are part of the reward packet for Kickstarter supporters.

UG3 Merchandise - Collector's Badge Set

We are coming down to the last month of production for the film and are looking at the merchandising that will go along with it. Here is the badge/button pack that we'll be selling. It is also a part of the reward set that goes to certain Kickstarter supporters. Other Collector's merchandise at this point will be the art and script book based on the film, bookmark sets, and posters. If possible we hope to have T-shirts too. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

UG3's Space Ship

Here's the ship that the UG3 team get around in. It's about 2 1/2 long and about 2 feet tall. Here are construction pics.

This is a rough beginning sketch.

Main structure made from Styrofoam and upholstery foam.

 Here it is with the cloth covering.

Side engines

Almost there.

Finished piece for now. There are less "add-ons" than I originally planned, but I might add more before the time to shoot. I'm going to shoot it in stop-motion in front of a green screen then composite it with other elements. I'll post some of that when we get to shooting it.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Madam Thrunch - Stop Mo Animation Model Production Pics

Madam Thrunch is a minor character so instead of creating a hand puppet for her parts I'm going to put her in as a Stop-Motion animation. Here are some production pics of her creation from "blueprint" to completion. Go here for her original concept sketches.

These first three are rough designs and the beginning armatures laying out next to them for comparison. The materials used are, armature wire, plumbers epoxy, tooling foil and balsa wood.

Here are armature shots of the head. Regular wood shapes held together with armature wire and epoxy. Then covered with more epoxy to shape out the head. The tube in the center is where the different mouth shapes will go.

Hands and feet are being made and attached to the body.  The fingers are twisted floral wire and the knuckles are small plastic beads. All held together with epoxy and hot glue.

Now I'm covering all the exposed parts with latex so I can manipulate them for the animation.

Now I'm making her set. Madam Thrunch is the CEO of Gandermoon Studios. She's pretty terrifying so she's got a very strong Evil Emperor vibe going on.
The back of her throne is made of a television antenna, piece of an old alarm clock and half of a plastic ball painted blue. The two pedestals are made from left over pieces from ceiling fan installation kits. They're cold and shiny to help with the "Death Star" feel.

Here's the finished set. The pylons are made from plastic tubes painted with the same blue paint from the throne. The cool toppers are caps from syringes we got from the pharmacy. The black tubing on the edge is normally used to hide telephone cords.

Now here's the finished set with Madam Thrunch sitting in it. I made her robe from a T-Shirt. Now she's got rings and other jewelry made from cheap rhinestones and wire and foil. Her eyes are shrouded to mimic the evil emperor again.
This last shot is to show scale. The whole set is about 14 inches tall and 16 inches wide.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thunderstone - Ultra Galactic Prima Dona

"Ok, I was trying to get some editing done today and in walks Thunderstone. For most editors they like to work alone. Having the director there for editing is one thing but to have the lead actor show up can be disastrous."

" At first I tried to accommodate him. He wasn’t too bad. A few suggestions on timing and a little comment about pacing. Nothing major. I finally had to send him out when he asked me to motion track a piece of lint on his face and remove it. I refused and he said something about my momma."

"I thought he was gone but well he showed back up outside the window."

"I think I am going to have to re-locate if I want to get this edited."

 Believe it or not these images are composited into the shot from the green screen shoot. So, Thunderstone is not actually in the studio with Lee. It's all cinematic magic... and Lee's sense of humor.