Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Screever - Hand Puppet Version

Here's the hand puppet version of Screever. Due to all the challenges and details, this puppet took about 1/3 longer to make than the previous two puppets. His cyborg arm has a removable hand so that we can give him other functions. One of his specialties is that he creates illustrations and graphics for their reports. He'll use the special features of his arm to create these in unique way. I'll also be making a larger stop-mo version of the arm so we can do close up shots of the arm changing.

Blepharon - Hand Puppet Version

The next puppet I made after Thunderstone and Fang (see previous posts) was Blepharon or "The Bleeph". One particular challenge was that he's a little more rotund than the other characters. Hand puppets usually have most of the audience attention on the face, since this is where they do most of their acting. So I cut back on the torso size. 

It's important to keep the weight down on a hand puppet whenever possible since even a few ounces can make a big difference on how long a puppeteer can keep a puppet elevated without wearing out their performance arm. Oh, and I decided to leave off the one exposed tooth since I had used that element in the Fang character.

Fang - Hand Puppet Version

Here's the hand puppet version of Fang. The colors on her clothing have been changed slightly from the Flash Animation Character sheet below.
It's both challenging and exciting creatively to take a 2-D version of a character and interpreting it three dimensionally. To see other entries regarding Fang click on the keywords highlighted below. 

Thunderstone - Hand Puppet Version

I haven't posted in 2 moths but I have been busy. We've decided to jump into the full length episodes that focus on the exploration of space. Since these episodes will be approximately 30 minutes in length we're going to use puppetry to replace some opportunities for animation. This will keep our production time shorter and costs down.

This is the puppet version of Thunderstone. He's a good bit larger than the original stop motion version below. 
 I tried hard to keep the hand puppet version as close to the stop-mo version as possible.