Monday, September 20, 2010

Gaul Warrior - Turn Around and Head Shots

According to a reliable historian the Roman army faced an invasion from the Gauls in 390 BC (I think, I need to check my research). Anyway the Gauls came over the Snow covered Alps. In order to throw the usually calm, cool and collected Romans off their game the Gauls played the berserkers and in high style. They were either naked or half-naked (since this is a kid's show you can guess which version I'm going with), they shaved half their head and dyed the remaining hair white and painted their faces blue. Then to top it off they rode their shields down the slopes, into battle, waving their swords over their heads and screaming wildly. The Gauls won the battle and went on to sack the city of Rome - one of the few times in history the actual city was taken. 

So here is the preliminary turnaround of these guys. In the previous post I have a pencil test of one jumping onto his shield and shushing downhill. Next I'll take the character design and convert it to a broken apart symbol library in Flash and use the pencil test as a template for his animation. I'll post that when I get some of it done. 

Here's a close up detail of the heads. 

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