Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fantastic Focus Groups

I want to thank a special group of students and teachers who have taken part in this film. SAGE students from Flippen, Luella, Mt. Carmel, Red Oak and Rock Spring Elementary Schools in Henry County, GA were guinea pigs for the film-in-process this past month. 

3rd-5th graders from these schools watched a rough animatic version of  UG3's first episode and gave valuable feedback both written and verbal. It was extremely encouraging because they had to watch it with very little finished animation and none of the composited puppetry segments, but they responded with a lot of enthusiasm. In the responses from the nearly 200 students we've been able to take stock of many of the film's strengths and weaknesses at a crucial stage of production. We are looking forward to going back there in a few months when the film is complete and they can enjoy the full impact. 

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