Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Going Public With My Love Affair, Or…

…UG3 Has Its Own Facebook Page.

You don’t make animation, especially animated films, especially animated educational films to get rich. No, you do it because you’re crazy or in love with it. I’ll admit to being a little bit of both, but it’s mostly the love part that has motivated the stuff you find in this production blog.

Now is time to go more public with that love. We’re starting a Facebook Page for UG3 in order to gear up for the impending completion of the film in the next few months. We hope the page will be a place for friends, family and anyone else interested in our work to connect with us and each other. It is my hope as an educator that the Facebook page will also be a place to discuss and share ideas about a passion I’ve indulged since I was a teenager – that is, using the powerful techniques of entertainment to engage students in education.

I ask that if you are a teacher, parent or anyone else with a vested interest in effective education (which should be everyone) to go to the Ultra Galactic Gung-Ho Gurus Facebook Page located here, and simply click “Like”. And if you feel strongly enough, spread the work by posting to your own wall and encourage others to “Like” us too.

The updates will be frequent so there will be plenty to come back often for. There will be interesting, thought provoking questions; examples of art, animation and footage from the film; and even contests. So here’s to a beautiful, very public relationship.


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