Sunday, May 2, 2010

Introducing the Characters - Madam Thrunch

Madam Thrunch is the CEO (Chief Executive Overlord) of Gandermoon Studios - the company that produces Intergalactic Gung-Ho Gurus.

She's the ultimate source of fear for Thunderstone. When I put her in the script I knew she had to be terrifying in a funny way. Yes, she's a bit of a spoof on the Emperor from Star Wars.

 I played around with a variety of ideas. At first the cute yet evil bunny character under a dark cloak seemed appealing, but then I got a few gag ideas that work better with a frog-like alien.

These are the designs that started emerging.

I went further and decided to try a take off on the walking hologram projector from the Phantom Menace. The one in the movie walked on spider-like legs. I figured I'd give mine frog legs. This will make it kind of comical to watch. I'm not sure if I'd do it in Flash or Stop-mo.

She has to have an imposing throne. A hint of Toadstool here. 

This is the sketch I'm going to use to start the puppet with.

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