Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Introducing the Characters - Dr. Mucksluff

Dr. Mucksluff is a cross between Mr. Spock and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Normally a self-controlled, highly rational scientist this cat-like alien has an alter-ego that comes out only occasionally. It’s a slobbery, wolf-like creature. He’s not very articulate. His short sentences are accented with growls, snorts and the occasional howl. With this character I’m playing off the cat and dog, Jekyll and Hyde persona. While the dog part is not nearly as cruel as Mr. Hyde, it is intimidating and Dr. Mucksluff brings it out when others seem to be unreasonable.

The Cat part came pretty easily, but, as you’ll see in the many sketches, the dog part was a bit harder to nail down. But I had a lot of fun “finding” him.

Oh yes, as with the other hosts’ names, Mucksluff is a “dead” English word. It was once used to describe a nice looking garment that was worn over a ratty looking one for the purpose of covering it up. I thought it fit the character well.

Below are the sketches for the dog-like half of Dr. Mucksluff. These are a small portion of the sketches I made it.

This last one is what I am aiming for the final character(s) to look like. 

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  1. We need to talk... you teach me the art of cartooning and I will teach you to throw on the potter's wheel... if you do not already know how. Let me know....Shawn G. = )