Monday, April 5, 2010

Intergalactic Gung-ho Gurus - A brief overview

Here’s a brief overview of the project. We’re calling it an educational comedy. Right now, in outer space there is a civilization of beings, made up of races from all over the galaxy. Like us they have mass media but theirs is called holovision, and like television it has more channels than you can shake an asteroid at (That is if you could shake an asteroid). One of the shows that has just entered the fray for ratings is an infotainment program called Intergalactic Gung-ho Gurus. It’s hosted by five extraterrestrials who get stuck doing a show about a backwater planet called Earth. They soon discover that the beings of Earth are in the beginning stages of being a space-faring people. So the first episode of I.G.G. examines the Earthlings quest for space. More about the subject matter being covered will come later.

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