Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Writing Space When Writing About Space

It's 4:45 am. I'm sitting at my dining room table trying to make progress on the script for Intergalactic Gung-Ho Gurus. It's not happening so what do I do? I take a picture of my writing space and post it to the web.

Weekdays I get up around 4:00 am to work on this project. I have to be at my teaching job about 6:45 and afternoons are rather unsure when it comes to what demands will be placed on my time, so my only guaranteed time to get work on the film done is in the wee hours of the morning.

Just a note about the writing.I believe with a project like this, writing is everything. Without a well-written story the quality of animation or special effects won't matter very much.

By the way, I do have an office here in the house, but when I write I have to spread out a bit, as you can see, and my computer desk doesn't have the space.

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