Friday, April 9, 2010

Introducing the Characters - Screever

Screever is another no-longer-used English word I thought sounded cool and has an appropriate meaning for the character. A screever was a street artist who would create assorted artworks on walls around the city. Then he would station humble looking homeless street folk at each of the pieces to receive any alms offered in appreciation of the art as if they had created it. The screever created a type of street performer franchise, taking a bulk of the money and giving a portion to the person posing as him. My Screever is an artist also. He is responsible for creating the graphics and animation for the show. His tool is a cyborg arm that comes equipped with a variety of artistic tools, allowing him to do amazing things in a short amount of time. He will be creating a variety of types of animation such as stop-mo, cut-out, flash style, etc. Here are some of the rough sketches I've used to figure out what the character should look like.
These were the beginning ideas. I had one requirement for this character besides the cyborg arm - Goggles! (Or at least something like it)
Something cool is forming for the goggle idea. If not goggles then more cyborg parts that look like goggles.
The overall look seems to be forming around a turtle and a bird. Not sure I like the bird aspect. Ah, this feels better. I am really drawn to the jaw. And the shell is more like a millipede shell than a turtle. Interesting front view with a note about how the puppet eyes might work. Side view. Really taking shape here. I broke it into its individual parts to help me get my head around how I would build it as a hand puppet. This side view is how I believe I'll pursue construction. Of course the final animation model won't come until after the puppet is created.

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