Monday, April 5, 2010

And so it starts...

Here it is – the beginning, at least for this production blog. Process 742 will be a public record of our endeavor. By “endeavor” I mean the creation of the film entitled Intergalactic Gung-ho Gurus: Ready, Set, Launch! By “our” I mean my brother and I. See picture below. You see, Lee and I have been a team since we were in our teens – making short films with a VHS camcorder. You know, one of those from the Cretaceous period with a “portable” power pack heavy enough to anchor a yacht. As time goes by we may post some of those early masterpieces, but most content will come from this project from pre to post production, including aspects of marketing, writing and where to go next. The design of the film will be a blend of Flash animation, stop-motion animation, traditional puppetry, motion graphics and any other format that we think is necessary and that we feel remotely competent in. Our last film, BugWorld, a 30 minute educational comedy for kids, won a 2009 Best Film Award from Kids First – the world’s largest film festival organization for children and teens. Like BugWorld this film will be produced for the 8-12 year old viewer market. I’m going to keep the posts short and relevant. I intend that each post have something to look at also. It may be sketches, animation, pictures of puppet construction, storyboards, layout ideas, etc. My hope is to get others involved with this artistic venture through comments, critiques, ideas and even fan/followers. So if you’re a professional animator, writer, student, educator or a friend interested in our work, please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks Al W.
The Waller Boys. I'm the blond. Lee is the one in the duckie chair and wearing the cocky smirk. He knew I was jealous of the chair.

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  1. The name has changed since this post. Instead of Intergalactic it is Ultra Galactic. Just in case you noticed.